oil and gas filtration services

About Pro-T

Delivering Quality Oilfield Filtration Services Since 1980

Pro-T was formed in 1980 in Morgan City, Louisiana, as a business primarily focused on diatomaceous earth (D.E.) filtration of completions fluids for the oil & gas industry. Since then, Pro-T has expanded its filtration equipment and services to include a wide range of filtration solutions, including: customized filtration units for offshore, land, shelf and transition zones, barges and equipment rentals. Our global headquarters is located in Broussard, Louisiana, and today we support customers in the Gulf of Mexico, North America, South America – and across the world.

Our experience in quality filtration services enables us to design and engineer some of the most advanced and sophisticated equipment in the oil & gas industry. With our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, we have the capability to produce new equipment, customized systems or refurbish old units totally in-house. Pro-T’s sales, management and dedicated field personnel are committed to delivering workable, environmentally-safe solutions. We continually provide added value to our customers, and we hold safety, reliability, integrity, on-time delivery, and product quality as our highest priorities.

A Culture of Safety

Pro-T operates within a culture of safety and we are committed to maintaining our own high standards, and our customers’ high standards, at our facilities and on our customers’ well sites. We conduct bi-monthly HSE meetings with an emphasis on safety, and we have a zero-tolerance for non-compliance to our safety protocols. Pro-T also offers continual training on our equipment and filtration procedures for all employees. We understand that our most valuable assets are our people, and we are diligent about protecting them and the environments in which we operate.

Our Mission

To supply the petroleum industry with the highest quality filtration products, equipment and services with accuracy, courtesy and integrity.

To provide our customers with continued improvement in our processes, innovations in our equipment and value in our services while maintaining a safe environment and employee well-being.

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