Oilfield Filtration Services & Equipment

Advanced Equipment, Designed from Decades of Field Experience

Pro-T designs, configures and manufactures all of its filtration equipment with operational efficiency and safety as our main priorities. We understand that flawless filtration translates directly to enhanced production, and we are committed to delivering the latest technology to every project we deliver. Our equipment is outfitted with the highest-quality stainless steel fittings and certified hoses to eliminate the risk of downtime and increase the level of operational safety.

Maximum Space Utilization Creates Value

Our advanced designs make the most of rig space by minimizing the filtration footprint without compromising quality or safety. Pro-T maintains one of the most qualified QA/AC teams in the industry and our thorough inspection process ensures a maximum level of quality control.

The oilfield filtration equipment we offer includes:

  • D.E. Filter Press
  • D.E. Slurry Skid
  • Diesel Pump
  • Cargo Basket
  • Dual Pod Unit
  • Shearing Unit
  • Cartridges
  • D.E. Filter Media
  • Air Compressors
  • Trailers

We continually deliver peace-of-mind to our customers through safety, reliability, integrity, on-time delivery and product quality. Rely on Pro-T for your next completions project.