oilfield filtration safety

Oilfield Filtration Safety

A Culture of Safety

Pro-T realized a long time ago that safety is no accident. A well-managed safety process, quality equipment and trained personnel are the cornerstones of a safe work environment.

Our proactive approach to HSE ensures that our customers are provided with safe, knowledgeable, well-trained personnel. Just like our workforce, all of our equipment is designed with safety in mind. Only the highest quality fittings and hoses are used to assure reliability of our equipment. Additionally, our units are designed to minimize the risk of falls. Each unit is uniquely designed with handrails and safety systems that provide a safe work environment without affecting the small footprint.

Pro-T’s commitment to safety is a very important part of our culture. We participate with the industry’s most recognized regulatory associations, including ISNetworld and PEC Premier.

We take pride in our personnel and the environmental regions in which we operate and we will never cut corners to increase profits. Every Pro-T employee is required and has a responsibility to immediately report non-compliance of our strict safety protocols to their immediate supervisor without fear of punishment, and has the authority to “stop work” at any time if they feel like they are in an unsafe situation.

Pro-T has received the Safest 70 Award from the LWCC. The award acknowledges excellence, outstanding performance, and commitment to workplace safety and is given to the top 70 of over 16,000 entities insured by LWCC. Companies are recognized based on the effectiveness of their safety efforts in preventing injuries and maintaining a consistent workplace safety history.