oilfield filtration equipment

The Pro-T Difference

With over 30 years of oilfield experience, Pro-T is dedicated to providing our customers with oilfield filtration equipment and services to ensure a clean wellbore, with the lowest amount of debris, drilling fluid residue and solids that can negatively impact production. Our operator-friendly equipment is designed to reduce rig circulating time and surface fluid losses, minimize each customer’s filtration footprint and operates with less non-productive time, allowing customers to run workover and completions operations more efficiently and effectively.

We understand that cleaner fluids deliver better overall production and improve every step of the process, including perforating and fracturing the wellbore to increase flow rates. Our experienced team can customize the right filtration package to meet your specific project needs. In addition, our teams utilize computer-generated daily field reports and service tickets to improve accuracy, reduce paperwork and enhance safety. Environmental compliance and a trouble-free run starts with quality filtration from Pro-T.

Pro-T delivers a broad selection of filtration packages that are designed to deliver:

  • Enhanced well performance, flow rates and maximum production
  • Cleaner overall completions – optimized purity of all brine and completions fluids
  • Prevention of solids build-up in well annulus
  • High-flow capacity and formation integrity with reduced particles, residue and debris
  • Environmental compliance for discharge and operation
  • Better recovery of brines and completion fluids
  • Reduced run time for filtration, increasing operational efficiencies
  • Safe and reliable equipment and services

Advanced Filtration Experts

Our advanced filtration equipment is engineered to meet the demands of every completions project we serve. We understand our important role on each project and we deliver through safety, reliability, integrity, on-time delivery and product quality.

From operational efficient configurations that reduce non-productive time to providing equipment with enhanced fall protection design, Pro-T delivers quality filtration systems that reduce risk, increase performance and deliver value on every project. Plus, with D.E. filtration units ranging in sizes from 900-sq. ft. to 1,700-sq. ft., Pro-T offers innovative, stackable configurations for smaller footprints accommodating the most compact rig requirements.

Pro-T can provide practical, environmentally safe and effective solutions for all of your filtration system needs. Our QA/QC team diligently inspects and reviews all of our systems, ensuring our equipment meets the most stringent standards our domestic and international customers have come to expect from Pro-T. From land to offshore, and everything in between, rely on Pro-T to deliver purity, efficiency, experience and safety on your next completions project. Contact us today to learn more.