Filtration Cartridges

Various grades of elements can be used for different applications. Absolute Rated Filters are used for critical applications requiring fine filtration and guaranteed effluent quality. Nominal Rated Elements are used either as pre-filters before absolute rated elements, or a coarse filters, depending on job requirements.

oilfield filtration cartridges


  • Dimensions - 29.5" L x 2.6" O.D. x 1.3" I.D.
  • Media - Polypropylene / Resin bound glass fiber or cellulose string wound
  • Filter Ratings (Typical) - Absolute: 2, 5, 10 microns
  • Filter Ratings (Typical) - Nominal: 5, 10, 25, 50 microns
  • Maximum Temperature - 180o
  • Collapse Rating - 60 psid


  • "O" Ring seals to eliminate filter bypass
  • End caps core and sheath constructed of polypropylene for wide chemical compatibility
  • Epoxy or heat sealed side seams
  • Pleated elements

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